As a tourist guide I am specialized in Danube Delta. My passion are bird species and nature. I grew up in Letea Village, a beautifull place to visit the forest Letea to know local traditions.

Although all ornithologists study birds, their jobs vary since different ornithologists may have different focuses of study. For example, some dedicate their work to studying bird evolution, some study how birds interact with their environments and others may determine bird population distributions across continents. The research conducted by ornithologists and other biological scientists may be classified as either basic or applied research. Basic research is conducted simply to broaden knowledge, while

applied research is conducted with the intent of finding solutions to problems, such as challenges in wild bird conservation.

Ornithologists may be required to work alongside other scientists and biological technicians in a collaborative team environment. Amateur bird watchers may also make significant contributions to the team, especially in the understanding of population changes and migration. Ornithologists incorporate the data submitted by bird watchers into their research to determine the effects of pollution, disease and habitat loss. The information gathered is applied toward conservation efforts.

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